West Virginia Vocal Music Association


Application for WVMEA 2017 Honor Ensemble


Please read the following information thoroughly before submitting an application.


•  Ensembles may not appear on the WVMEA Conference program in successive programs.

•  Middle and high school ensembles are encouraged to submit a recording.



•  Applications must be received six weeks prior to the conference.  This window of time ensures that selected directors/ensembles will have time to make logistical arrangements associated with traveling to the conference.

•  All submissions must be received in an electronic format by Thursday, January 26th at 9 PM.  Completed applications should be submitted via email to wvmeahonorensemble@gmail.com.  Please request electronic confirmation of receipt.

•  Band recordings must include three selections of representative band repertoire.  One selection must be a march.

•  Chorus recordings must include three selections of representative choral repertoire. In accordance with the WVVMA by-laws, high school honor ensemble choirs MUST have participating students in the West Virginia All-State High School Chorus.

•  Orchestra recordings must include three selections of representative orchestral repertoire.

•  Recordings must be made in the same school year in which the application is submitted.

•  Submissions must be an mp3 format.  WVMEA will not accept any other file formats. Make sure to put pieces in the order in which you want them heard by judges.

•  Recordings should be submitted to the Honors Ensemble Selection Chairperson, Neil Randolph at ranfam101@comcast.net. This position is not a judging position.  

•  A completed honor ensemble application must include all of the following components:

1. a completed application cover page

2. three mp3 recordings

3. a copy of a recent concert program

4. a list of potential repertoire to be performed if selected. (Repertoire for the honor ensemble performance at the conference must be approved

by the executive board.)

5. a 50 word professional biography and an electronic head shot on behalf of the director to be included in the conference program if selected.

6. A $25 check written to WVMEA, which will be used to supplement the WVMEA scholarship fund. In the memo line, please specify “Honor

Ensemble Submission Fee”.  A receipt will be available upon request.

7. A copy of director’s current NAfME membership card.



Selection Process

•  (NEW) Judges shall be selected from out of state professional music educators and ensemble directors. The adjudication panel shall consist of two band, two choral, and one orchestra judge. All judges will score every honor ensemble submission, regardless of category.

•  Judges will use the adopted scoring rubric for band, choral, and orchestral submissions.  These completed rubrics will be made available to those submitting.

•  Invitations for the conference program will be issued based on the ensemble’s averaged score.

•  Ensembles must have an average score of 90 out of 100 to be considered for honor group selection.

•  The Honors Selection Chair will forward submissions to the judges electronically without school or director identification.

•  (NEW) Judges will select one HS band, one HS choir, and one orchestra (high school or middle school), and one Middle School (band, choral, or orchestra).  Any unfilled slot will be selected based on the next highest eligible average score (90 and above) regardless of ensemble category. The total number of Honor Ensembles selected will not exceed four.



•  The president elect will notify the directors via phone or email of the judge's decisions five weeks before the conference.



•  Repertoire for the honor ensemble performance at the conference must be submitted and approved by the executive board.

•  Each group selected is responsible for printing a program to be distributed at the conference.  

•  Honor ensembles will be scheduled to perform a concert (45 minutes maximum-including stage set-up and exit) at the annual WVMEA conference.  




2017 WVMEA Honor Ensemble Application Cover Sheet

School Name School Phone Number


School Address


School Phone Number


Director's Name            Director's Email Address


Director's NAfME Number NAfME Expiration Date


Director's Home Phone            Director’s Cell Phone

___________________________________  __________________________________________________________


Type of group, please check one:     [ ] Band         [ ] Choir [ ] Orchestra

Total number of members in ensemble (must be 19 or more)____________________________

Grade levels of students in group __________________________________________________

Specialty name of group (if any)____________________________________________________

Director's Signature *if submitted electronically,  considered an electronic signature Date


School Administrator's Signature     *if submitted electronically, considered an electronic signature Date


List appearances at past state, division, national NAfME events (if any)


Please list the selections on recording in the order that you would like them to be presented, and name each recording accordingly.   (Please include complete title, composer, and length)